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Saturday, March 07, 2009
In which I break personal records day after day.

Listening to: Lacrimosa - Kalafina

Right, CF08 Day 2.

Seeing as it's pretty much over 2 months since, I'm going to look at my diary and sum it up in point form.

- Since I had no costume and I REALLY wanted to cosplay but was too lazy to make my own stuff I had the idea of making a videolog of the event. One particular sequence would have me mocking cosplay while cosplaying a clearly inaccurate Kogami Akira (Lucky Star) and everyone pointing out the hypocrisy. Due to communication error I never made the video, but the idea of cosplaying Kogami Akira stuck.
- Deru approached me to borrow a skirt for a cosplay SHE had, and so we struck an exchange. The plan would've been flawless if my waist was 15 inches like hers, though. Not only did I NOT use her skirt, I spent a night picking her alterations so that the uniform would look MUCH looser on me. Dedication to cosplay? YOU BET IT IS.
- The night of Day 1 I was STILL thinking whether to cosplay since I didn't have a skirt close to Akira's actual one until my mum pointed out that I DID have a similar skirt...
- Everyone's reactions? Priceless.

I can has moe?

- Since Deru and I look similar at a glance, a lot of people saw me and just wondered if Deru was wearing platform shoes or something. Apparently it doesn't take much for me to be in character - either she is scathingly sarcastic and misanthropic (like I usually am) or disturbingly cute and perky (like I usually am in small doses). Bounce up to people, flap my overlong sleeves around and go, "Oha-Lucky! X3" at all and sundry. So facial features + iconic cosplay + radiant cute perkiness = totally Deru.

Except I'm not Deru! 8DDD

- Cikgu addressed me as Deru, Gan said, "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND", Dai kept examining me up and down (attempting to reconcile the imagery took quite a lot apparently), and Evilmatter crapped bricks. I don't have one favourite expression because looking at everyone going OMGWTF was so fun. How people can not live for extreme reactions is beyond me.
- The weirdest part was when I got swamped for photos. Keeping in mind that I seldom get photo requests for ACTUAL cosplay I've done, this felt weird. But good. I r attenshun ho, but we all know that.
- Cosplayers joining the competition got goodie bags that had makeup in them. Unfortunately I took too long to consider joining and never got a bag. Aw.
- In between cosplaying and singing, Alfred and his partner (I forgot) had crowd games. One of them was "use Alfred's skirt for GREAT MODELLING JUSTICE" and Sring got pulled on stage. She draped the skirt over her shoulder and catwalked like a mofo. There is no photographic evidence of this un-Sring-ness because everyone was too shocked to do anything. I know *I* forgot I had a camera. D:
- When you're wearing a short skirt and gets cold. REALLY STONKING COLD. I don't know how do you moe cosplayers walk around sleeveless and tube tops and short skirts/shorts all day. You're complaining why am I not dead from heatstroke? I'll take toasty warm instead of constantly rubbing my legs together for heat, thanks.
- Of course Zend's RE Nemesis got into the finals, but not Cikgu's Doc Ock, and the winner was Skye's Sheryl Nome (I REALLY hope this is the end of the Macross F mania) for her fantastic ability to  turn tricks. Or perform a trick. Or twist a trick into a song. It was SO in character everyone else could go to hell. Yes all 200 of you.
- Strangely despite the impressive cosplayin', only ONE cosplay really impressed me...

The lack of any despairing cosplayers has left me in despair!

You know how we all have one iconic cosplay in our lives? This is Elder's.
- Rika sang more songs. Everytime Rika sings a song, an angel gets their wings.
- Deru sang. Because Deru rarely sings, when she does Domo-kun stops eating kittens until the song ends.
- I almost couldn't recognize Zymz as Krauser. *Almost*.
- *Someone* thought it was a good idea to wear a traditional maiden costume without a bra. You know how some gi have their sides exposed? You know how it creates horrible saggy sideboob that nobody wanted to point out? I would've taken a picture and put it all over the internet if I could, if only as a lesson in decency (like NOT EVERYBODY WANTS TO SEE YOUR UGLY BOOBS).
- Hung around for WAY too long while everyone had their dinner. Finally tagged along with committee to Pizza Hut while nursing a splitting headache (God please stop this aging malady thank you) and heading home. was it?

This is the most enjoyable CF I've had since 2004.

This may be completely acceptable seeing as the venue is bigger and the cosplay is better (but the doujin not really), but when I look back, the venue and the cosplay had little to do with it. In fact HP ruined it so bad when I stayed back to see staff take down the set I was thinking "YAY NO MORE STUPID SHREK AD".

My hypothesis? The company I kept (or the lack of it).

Kemu and I thought about how we spent both days in the company of several cliques - Tuna and I parted ways when the hall opened and we barely spent time with each other while I went and mingled and spoke to anyone I knew. That's what CF should be about: It's not just about selling doujin and showing off your epic costume and demanding a Caramelldansen at the end of the day, it's also about making new friends who share the same interest or catching up with old friends you made through CF and this is the only chance you get to see some of them. At one point everyone made it a point to go to CF because the overseas students came back for their hols and CF would coincide so it was the best time to see everyone at once.
The people who have the least fun are those who stick to their group and sit in a corner and chat until they have nothing left to do and then leave and blog about what a bore CF was because they didn't do what they were supposed to do. CF is meant to be an exploring ground - see new doujin! Chat with doujinka! Chat with cosplayers! Chat with whoever wants to chat because if *I* can get into a random chat with a guy with a victorian clothes fetish and Kemu can just chat up every Vocaloid cosplayer for pics, *anyone* can! You've broadened your experience this far, why stop now?

Taken as-is, CF is quite boring: here's a hall with constant orange light that kills all your photos with a gallery that didn't have working lights (see pictures that don't glow in the the dark!), here's a leaky stage with 2 blathering loons, over there is the HP BOOTH OF DOOM, and here's the doujin which if you're not interested in doujin I don't know why you came to CF. If you're not an art student you're going to be *bored* on day 1. That's why CF is "for the fans". It's for you to meet up the wackos you've been chatting to online and actually get some fresh air. It's for you to dress up in silly clothes and think fanservicing the ParaPara machine downstairs with a bunch of cosplayers is newsworthy. It's for you to reunite with friends who've been in Australia for so long you divetackle them at first sight. It's for you to get off your arse and MEET your friends instead of saying "we oughta go out sometime" and never really do until CF where you plan your meeting time down to what colour fingernails you have. Case in point? Sizer didn't attend CF and everyone noticed (but had no money to sponsor her trip down).

I can only hope as the magic of anime and manga and all things geeky dies, the magic of meeting and making new friends never does.

And that is why this CF was so much win. May there be many many more.

(Photos taken by Axtar & Hexlord)

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