daifu »
daifu »
Pebbles » Hehe...read ur opening line, and I could HEAR your voice! lol...hello, colleague! Thus begins our cyberspace..eh..friendship? weirrrrrdddd *geeky moment*
LuvOfUrLife » Happy Birthday \(^__^)/
funkhype » hi,galz!hws life? sorry 4 da ruud language
funkhype » suuuuuuuuuck
kolek » bosan gila dok umah nih... hehheehe...
kolek » lalala
KM » Mustn't feed the troll
jessica » wow there's someone else with my name flaming you guys? flame back
Jessica » THIS IS CREEPY!!!
Jessica » u gyz are all creepy. Ya'll got problems and then some
Jessica » u gyz are all creepy. Ya'll got problems and then some
Jessica » U guyz are all creepy. Ya'll have problems and then some. WHAT IS UP WITH THIS JACKED UP WORLD!?!? Ya'll just addin' 2 da daggone prblm. GET LIVES!
sringangel » hmmm ....... i wonder i can handle all tat ....
Eino » hehe. nice post. now i will know not to ask u how's work.
Amberlily » Heya, its Amberlily from CF, I found your site after blog-hopping. You write great....that's what I think. Cheer up and take care!
Amberlily » Heya, its Amberlily from CF, I found your site after blog-hopping. You write great....that's what I think. Cheer up and take care!
DMJewelle » alessar>> the link should still be in the 2003 archives. -D
Alessar » I was singing the opening line of "Gravity" by Maaya Sakimoto, heh. Say do you still have the link to the "Which Gothloli fashion house represents you" quiz?
DMJewelle » alessar>> as in? '__'
Alessar » It's been a long road to follow...
Axtar » Trying out this tagboard - geronimoooo!!!
sringangel » yeyyy danteeeeeee yeeyyyyyyyyyy soraaaaaaaaaaaaaa \*w*/
ai~ » ooo i want the music&lyrics ost ^^ u got? is it good? lol~~~
alexiolim » Try Jobstreet & other online job sites. I'm sure you'll found one.
sringangel » KH2!!!!!!
Rum » A month gone by oh lab rat... whats new?
enervate » *amused with the reviews* I'll haul my lazy ass and go watch em sometime, online. *waves to you* Hi btw. >DDDDDDDDD
KM » Nice avvie. And I see my decomposed website is off the palsies list lol
labrynth » where's part 2? or rather.... where's ze updates! >O<
Psan » merry xmas-y DM~
DMJ » china>> I don't have demonic creatures or dolls, btw, sorry.
China .L. Johnson » I would like to purchase a doll to keep
DMJ » link>> Nope ^^
Link4009 » Heh, does the D.M stand for Dungeon Master?
DMJ » jessica>> THanks!
jessica » wow u actually wrote 16566 words? woaaaahhh! congrats for getting that far!
DMJ » eino>> lol!
eino » prologue also got kissing...aiyo @.@
akirasama » gyahh... this is all it takes to relieve my mind from boredom in between studies.. reading... (damn.. I'm a bore..)
DMJ » lin>> ngeehee >D
ai naoki » MY EYEEEEZ!!!! #_# dont la do this to meeeee~~~~~
ai naoki » MY EYEEEEZ!!!! #_# dont la do this to meeeee~~~~~
Serge » >__>
Serge » *dances madly*
DMJ » craig>> lol indeed. ^^ shuichi>> I don't know why the sudden respect, but thank you anyway. ^^;
shuichi-kun » other than that. my respects to you just shot up afew million nothces. *tabik spring*
shuichi-kun » raver job class (FFX-2) and "trigun vacation" pictures cant be viewed since its cosplay.com pics..
Craig » LOL @ Cosplay Fuckery
enervate » I think the media is just screwing our minds up... not much can be said about f**kers anyway, no? *snuggles you* Go play... XP~
EINO » make love, not war haha, america..who?
DMJewelle » gre>> Therefore God has no gender, and we are not made in his image. D:
Gre| » If god was a man the earth would be full of big boobed women. If god was a woman the world will be destroyed on its every 28th day.
DMJewelle » sring>> no idea. akira>> With comfy seats, how could I not? XD
akirasama89 » Reading your blog is seriously fun. I applaude you for sticking through the whole da vinci movie!! I sort of slept halfway while they were making they're escape in a security truck. XD
sringangel » god is/was human?
DMJewelle » yoohoo, ya, why so long never visit! primero>> God still has human-like qualities, and since we're made in his image, he'd still be human, right?
eino » yoohoo..damn, its been a long time since i visited your blog!
primero » "The movie asks why can't a human be divine, but here's a different question: Why can't the divine be human?". but if he was human he wouldn't be deemed a god, rite?
sringangel » yes i i love the last bit of the movie too. it was as if, all the plot actually built up into tat. really gives out an overwhelming impression.
sringangel » Youngsters these days are scary. end of the line. Idioticy is another part of their scrayness. So to sum it all up, evolution of human brains are happening and degrading fast.
dmj » tinkle>> Yeah we've heard of sukisho, but nothing on an english release for the games, sorry. =(
~tinkletinkle~ » has any one heard of sukisho? if so does any one have any info on the game release for america?
eino-chan » yoohoo. what a blardy long entry
akirasama89 » sorry.... I'm spamming aren't I... just ignore me... *whistles*
akirasama89 » PS: I am not kidding!! I usually have my head up in the clouds... oh goodness.. I feel like an idiot...
akirasama89 » Geez DMJ... I'm completely awed by the words that flow across your blog... I feel sort of ignorant after reading it... may your intelligence grow as the years pass by...
Rum » Somehow I don't think its the boy's brains you're admiring
sringangel » oh i rmbed! is in chain of memories (dies off)
sringangel » oblivion is not the castle is the sword. .... or there is a castle just that i dont rmb.
Eino » hehe. we are aged and full of wisdom mah...these youngies ber-semangat..
dmj » eino>> yoohoo~ He's smarter than me though... ;__;
Eino » yoohoooo...havent read your blog in a while! hehhe..tristan indeed. geez, gawkinga t young boys seem to be your thing now eh?
DMJ » rum>> ...I gotta ask people that. O_O
Rum » I've been trying to figure out whats the dif between you staring "like a dumbass" and the way you normally do... Anyone out there notice any difference?
Faye aka Yagami » Just passed by to say hello. Hope everything is fine with you. *hugs
sringangel » y T_T
DMJ » rum>> LOL, but it's a bloody valentine ^__^ sring>> yes your LJ counts!
sringangel » haha mine lj tak kira XD
Rum » Hmm... if thats your idea of Valentines day, you need to get away from your screen more often
eino-chan » damn it..crazy weather...one minute damn hot, then the next, its pouring
DMJewelle » happy CNY eino, rum, kawa!
kawa » Happy NEw Year!
Rum » Happy CNY Cookie Monster
eino-chan » GONG XI GONG XI! when u marry that bishie, then gimme ang pow ok?
DMJewelle » enervate>> if not, it's not me innit? ^^
enervate » *decorates Jewelle with red fireworks and CNY decors* XDD And you're still as opinionated as ever.
enervate » *decorates Jewelle with red fireworks and CNY decors* XDD And you're still as opinionated as ever.
eino-chan » hehhe..not so much complain la..its just that it was sad la..the WAY he died..maybe they didnt know he WAS suppose to fall down that way and DIEEEEEEEEEEEE
dmj » sring>> repeated...? kelly>> it's good, but people can actually complain king kong dies...a bit the stupid right?
sringangel » king kong ... it was the MOST REPEATED MOVIE EVER IN HISTORY OF MOVIE MAKING.. which I won't watch unless someone is willing to pay me to sleep in the cinema.
eino-chan » king-kong was good too laaaaa
DMJewelle » eino>> Happy new year!!
eino-chan » happy new year!!
shuichi » heal> gangrape scene. i felt pity that i didnt take any pics. ^^;